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Coach Darlene Hollis

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Darlene Higgs Hollis

Certified Master Coach Trainer | Certified Master Life & Business Coach | Publisher

Writing Coach 'The Book Midwife' | Author

Darlene Higgs Hollis, known as The Confidence & Personal Resuscitation (CPR) Life Coach and the Book Midwife, is the founder and Lead Instructor at RMLICA. She is also the founder of the Rebranding My Life movement for women, an ordained minister and a midwife for women birthing their dreams. 


Darlene became the vehicle in which God would use to birth, coach and restore girls and women, local and abroad. As a coach and professional coach midwife, she is passionate about equipping women to embrace their inner beauty to transform their lives, so that they can in turn coach other women to rebrand their lives.

After experiencing a wholistic approach — a transformation in mind, body, spirit and gifts — to rebrand her own life, she knows that this method of coaching is necessary to bring transformation to the total woman.

As a former Certified high school educator, Darlene knows the importance of not just educating, but also the importance of the student knowing how to master the skill and implement. She wants to ensure that every professional coach that comes through the doors of RMLICA not only receives the certification, but have been given tools and strategies for a successful practice to make a change in the lives of the other women.

More about Darlene:

  • Bachelor of Sciences in Biology and Chemistry

  • Master of Public Health

  •  Former Research and Development Chemist

  • Middle School and High School Science Teacher

  • University Satellite Director & Director of Continuing Education

  • Miss Inagua Bahamas ‘91



Her loving, kind, compassionate, patient, prayerful, prophesying, intelligent, informational, in-tune, empathetic spirit! She's amazing!

Coach Jennifer Black

My Instructor is truly Heaven sent! Coach Darlene communicates well and is a great listener! I feel like I have known her all my life.

Coach Crystal Tinker

Extremely knowledgeable and provides great information for you as a coach and building and branding your business. I love the fact that this was feeding me and growing me both spiritually and naturally.

Coach Janelle Reid

I loved her knowledge of the material, her confidence in her teaching ability, access to her during class and after. Her willingness to explain in detail parts of the lesson that we intricate. She made sure we got it. Also, she was very sensitive to anyone in the cohort that was struggling.

Coach Cassandra Elliott

Coach Darlene is so knowledgeable, approachable, and really provides a high standard and excellence in her program. Her ability as an instructor to know what we need and provide it is immeasurable. Her personality is very down to earth — like talking with someone you've known for a very long time.

Coach Kelina Morgan

Program Highlights

  • Earn your life coach certification plus become certified in other specialized areas of your choice.

  • You will be assigned a mentor coach to personally answer any questions you have about coaching and opening your own coaching business.

  • You will learn how to open a successful coaching business right out of your home.

  • You will learn how to help people in almost every facet of their life.


Do I have to be licensed to start practicing as a life coach?

No. You may begin practicing as a Certified Professional Life Coach as soon as you receive your certification.

There is no regulated or governing body in the United States or worldwide. All associations or accreditations that exist are self-created. However, you can use your training hours from RMLICA to apply for International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Upon graduation, you will receive a transcript from RMLICA which can be used for your Portfolio Application, should you decide to apply to ICF or another association for accreditation. The coach-specific hours you earn will depend on which program you take.

Please understand that you do not have to apply to the ICF or any other association to start coaching. Upon graduation, you will be a qualified, certified professional coach.

Yes. All of our programs are open to students worldwide. You take classes from the comfort of your own home so you will not have to travel. Traveling to the live in-person graduation is optional.

How long are your Certification Programs

All certification programs are 3-4  months (12 - 16 weeks). Your mentorship coaching hours are included in this timeframe and required before graduation.

Where are my certifications valid?

Because there is no regulating body anywhere globally for Professional Coaching, you can use your certification anywhere in the world.

Do you offer payment plans

Yes we do offer payment plans. Please indicate your need during your screening interview.

Do you have international programs?

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